Saturday, January 2, 2016

Remembering Back Two Years

In 2014 I wrote about myself in a remarkable tale. This is why I write the blog. I have matched aviation passion with a will to recover to a former self. The carrot on the stick is about aviation technology, finance and big things. Not all of it is about Boeing, some of it is about pet interests regarding military procurement of advanced technologies, flight and big things.

Truly a miracle I'm still here and it hasn't been easy to stay with it. I have had multiple events on my heart and with my health. God willing I will keep writing until I become MIA on Winging It. May all of you who follow, and read Winging It, have a prosperous and joyful New Year. Please link back to 2014 and read my state of mind at that time and my recollections about surviving. 

2015 stats: 294 blog articles written in 2015, 782 blogs articles written since 2012.  My goal is to hit a cumulative total of 1,000 blogs during 2016. It's only 218 additions away. I can do it, and do it better.