Monday, January 18, 2016

Airline Quid Pro Quo Starts With Economy

It all starts with economy where a cheaper price for the seat means a passenger pays for it through some kind of 10 hour torture treatment. The passenger really pays for aviation’s equivalent of "steerage". It's your kind of price, going intercontinental on an airline. The selling to everyone an economy fare, who then can assume the crash position going non-stop. Class is actually based on daily caloric intake. Price is based on lifetime caloric summary. How much you weigh is more of a determiner for what seat you must buy. If you buy a first class or business class ticket with an airline, the passenger must know its assigned cost comes from their recognized stature. 

When weighing closer to 300 lbs than two hundred, a ticket will cost a passenger according to the Quid Pro Quo of physiological configuration with your actual weight. The passenger just looks at price of first class for $1100 vs $199 economy or $500 premium economy most anywhere in the region. However, the human psychic adjust to the shoe store mentality of buying what looks nice, as in low price, even though it doesn't fit the foot.

The airline marketing website always shows prices that derange human sensibility. A passenger seeking a Hawaii fare will always go there in economy, because they can get to Hawaii for only $199. How much does a passenger weigh question goes by the wayside. The failure comes from some kind of mental dissonance. It can be overcome by  therapy where the vacation must start at the airport not at the destination. "For all that's good in the world", at least book premium economy for your own weight's sake.

A three hundred pound passengers must start at first class. An economy passenger starts at... or tops out at One-hundred and fifty lbs. Going to Hawaii, a passenger pays for it, because of one’s own caloric intake. Your vacation starts at boarding the Aircraft (therapy slogan). 

Omission: I weigh about 250 lbs. When buying an economy fare, I really pay for it as my seat mates amaze with my contortionist antics for even two hours. Booking through "Travelocity", I volunteered for shoe store street sales moment, where the $199 economy price washes out my luxuriant vacation plans. I really pay for torture, discomfort and lack of class surrounding me. The ones who are the cheapskates, are sitting next to me bringing their behaviors along for the ride. This vacation mode only “enhances” my torture experience through "the price paid” in economy. Premium economy is my only hope for my mental condition. Weighing-in before buying said fare indicated, and I conclude, I needed at least a business class fare (uh-hum).

When buying an economy ticket a passenger is not allowed to complain how crappy is the airline? It's a forgone conclusion you are sitting in economy because you are not on vacation. Don't complain because you are in the right class of nincompoops who saw $199 as the end of the rainbow, and now you have to pay for it from where you sit. If you go to Hawaii for $199 book a room at the Motel 6 five miles from the beach. It's a $199 for two for just 24 hrs. Then try and complain about Hawaii at that time. Most of the customers at the motel, are the ones you saw flying economy on the flight over. The nincompoops never seem to leave you during your vacation. They were all mesmerized by the proverbial $199 sign. 

I want to rent a car in Hawaii, and I see a $199 per day sign, as the cab drops me off and the driver smiles knowingly; "He doesn't need a car rental, he is only sucked in by the flashing $199 car rental sign. After-all, it’s Hawaii."

There are two means for travel today. Company money or your vacation money. Both suggest traveling at your best. Traveling in economy is not your best. Step up to your weight and fly big. The Quid Pro Quo of a $199 fare is too high of price to pay anywhere!