Friday, January 1, 2016

The Start of 2016 Needs a Look Forward

The usual commentary at years end reflects on what happened to change our lives during 2015. This approach on Winging It, uses what’s going to happen in 2016 when comes to aviation giant Boeing.

MOM is the code word for 2016. MOM is the "Middle of the Market”. Boeing will address the middle of the market. Had Boeing a MOM replacement for its 757, then they could have shared with Airbus A321 NEO already having over 1,000 single aisle sales, before its entry into to service. Since Boeing played the 737 Max card it gained only 219 units sold for its 737-900 Max. Boeing will go plastic and metal making a MOM coming home from the holiday's reality. It has to parry and thrust against the A321 NEO. Only it has to go dual aisle in a muted 787 design motif for the parry. The thrust comes from its new engine technology. It’s what the 787-300 was supposed to be in the first place. However, the 787-300 was swept up by a heady 787-8 moment and discarded.

Winging IT has already predicted a dual aisle seven seats across design hold up to 220 passengers. It’s a way to stop the wagging tongues from Toulouse, and a chance to regain the MOM market cleaned up by the A321 NEO. Boeing was hog tied with too many programs running at one time, during its resurging remake of the Commercial division. Yes, 2016 has to be the year of the MOM announcement, or it will become too little too late.

It shouldn’t be an overwhelming effort building the enhanced 757 concept into a one off airplane from both the 737 Max and the 787-8 emergence. The new MOM will stop the bleeding between the single and dual aisle crater formed by both framers. A MOM would beat the A321 NEO, and it would surge into the gap, having a little bit for everyone concept: starting with the flying public. What would it offer the world market?
  • Customer Roominess    
  • Airline efficiency with superior turn-around time at the airport.     
  • All things 787 in a MOM class      
  • All things 737 in an airport fit
  • Extended range over the single aisle class
  • All things Boeing starting with new diameter engines.
  • Laminar flow technology
  • A new wing superseding the Airbus Popsicle stick design.
  • A phenomenal offload/load cycle
  • Electronic windows and so forth.

The boss in command will sign the build proposal saying #2 make it so. Or could Sean Connery step in from his "Red October Sub" and command, “make revolutions for 30 knots”. Boeing has positioned itself for this moment and if it sits on its hands without making any MOM announcement during 2016, then the Corporation biffs it big. The MOM is the missing link needed for selling more MAX and 787-8’s. It’s not how many MOM’s it must sell to make it work, it’s about having a MOM for selling how many more 737’s and 787’s.