Monday, September 29, 2014

200th Post For 2014

When I first began blogging on October 17, 2012 I had no Idea how if I could consistently hold enthusiasm in providing for writing about what I see, observe and think concerning aviation. I had to quickly narrow the subject towards something regional as well as worldwide. Since I had some aviation interest in both World War II aircraft and Lockheed's SR-71 project through my Uncle's experience in both worlds of war and technology, I began a Boeing focus and vowed that I would write and support this endeavor more specifically the 787 project. Additionally, I took on all technology advancements coming from Boeing as fair game.

This was a self-imposed writing assignment. I had a massive heart attack on June 1, 2011 at work. I was pronounced dead by all the attending emergency room doctors at about 4:30 PM that day. My wife was called to my gurney side and she touched my feet as it to say a final goodbye. A miracle happened for those who still have a belief in miracles. It happened, after shutting off life support, ceasing CPR, and breathing; and stopping electrical heart shocks, with the cessation of adrenaline shots. 

They pronounced me finally dead. The team was tired from two hours of resuscitation and sweaty hard work to save me.  My wife came to me after the report was written up and she grab my feet as one last effort to say good bye. The last wires were still connected to my chest and then to the EKG monitor. The nurse hadn't finished cleaning up the room. Then it happened, "Beep" and more faint beeps. My wife holding my feet experienced the miracle. One nurse snapped her head at the monitor and started a panic rush and called back the team in a rescue attempt. They kept the heart going. I was stabilized with a steady heart beat after the death call was made earlier.

As in all cases where oxygen is starved from the Brain, I suffered anoxic brain injury. The heart specialist who had seen thousands of heart attacks, by-passes and stents told my wife, I wouldn't make it. They went in with scopes and examine my heart to see what happened. The doctor reassured my family I would really die. But I didn't. Then the Brain doctor came in and said, pack me in "Ice". He needs protection from being off oxygen when he was declared dead. His brain is swelling. 

My Cardiologist, who consulted with the neurologist, agreed on the temperature reduction for the brain. He came out to talk to my wife about the big chill effort. He told her I wouldn't last, and will die, but this is a last ditch effort to saved anything for "Me". I survived and recovered from the brain injury. My Cardiologist then "resigned" (actually quite his practice that day), and said I was his last patient after saying three times I was dead, I would die, or this is the last ditch effort to save him. After my indomitable core driven spirit took over, I made it to this very day in 2014. He (My ex cardiologist) is finishing Law School I presume.

Part of my recovery and rehab was to bring back my mental faculties. I awaken after 17 days not knowing what had just occurred. I thought I was still at work. Then it was explained, what happened to me. I had to go to rehab in order for my mental processes could establish. The long therapy road began. My memory was disrupted and in some cases gone. But during the rehab process, I was assigned a writing work in the winter of 2012. This would improve my cognizance, if I did that. I played the mental card games given me during the winter, and then started looking for a theme to blog about, which is in my main interest, is "aviation".

I have written all blogs myself and have inserted actual news and web articles, as I am limited on travel and research so you may see a steady improvement on writing and composition. It is a progression and goal for me to obtain mental parity in our world. I appreciate your reading my opinion, and insight after much research on the topic of aviation. I have multiple experiences that luckily have retained in my long term memories, where short term stuff can slid off the table on a given day. This blog is about everything I run into doing online research with Boeing. For better or worse I chose Boeing as the topic, and have become a writing advocate in hopes of making people think about what I write from research, observation and life’s knowledge.

On October 17th I wrote a test blog line to see it would work. It Did.

By the way' This is the 200th posting in 2014 and 423 over-all posting since October 17, 2012

Below is my first Blog Link in October of 2012.

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