Thursday, January 14, 2016

Boeing is Doing A Big Year In 2016

Jack Black did "A Big Year" by spotting so many birds in so many ways, watch it you will enjoy it. Now Boeing is going to do A Big Year in 2016. Much like the movie "Big Year", no one admits they going after the most airplanes in a year. Boeing is going to do its "Big Year" after capturing 762 airplanes delivered in 2015. They will go for more builds in a silent non-admitting way of saying, "Nope I'm not doing it." Owen Wilson was left forlorn seeking his passion in the movie and loses his wife. Steve Martin finds his new mojo and Jack Black gains back his father’s love. It was a Big Year for the Birds. 

Jack Black Goes Big And Wins his Dad's Love

Boeing will go Big in 2016 with more birds than Airbus can even find in all of Europe. Production and sales will keep at a 1+:1 sales/production ratio as it did in 2015. However, there are a few more surprises in store for the fawning of public investors. The cash cow Boeing generates will enhance future development, pleasing the investor. Look to see Boeing crank in some more wide body orders as potential customers who mulled over the $30 a barrel oil market and says it’s time to place the 787 orders in some quantity. The ratio should go north of 1:1 by two hundred more aircraft than found in 2015, making the Boeing 2016 book coming in closer to a thousand orders than 800, and producing closer to 800 than 750.