Saturday, January 30, 2016

Refine Enhance and Improve, The 737 Goes REI Into The World

The 737 is the moving target for Airbus. It has been around a long while. Making its first flight in April 1967. I had to get a calculator to figure out how far back the proof of concept flight was until yesterday, or about 49 years ago. If born in April 1967, and being a Boeing employee, you may be seeking a retirement plan adjustment very soon for optimizing your retirement's upcoming good fortune. The 737 started on the chalkboard in 1964, in the age of chalk, pencil and slide rulers. Those leading pilgrims have since passed. The post baby boomers had just come into the world. They are leading the Max 737 charge today.

The REI moniker is not for the Seattle area outdoor sporting goods seller, it's for the 737 maker, Boeing. The Max represents 50 plus years of developing the single aisle 737. 

Boeing has refined the 737 Max from the production floor up. It also has enhanced this model as found with new cockpit displays found in the world's other most advanced and modern aircraft (787). The Max is a symbol of improving on what works well after fifty years of progressions starting with CFM engine improvement.

The basic conceptualization of the Max, "if it works well don't reinvent", but just make it better. Boeing has turned a page in its playbook, and has not blinked from competitive swings, as it has kept its eye on the ball. The Max is an aircraft you will feel the difference as a passenger, notice the difference on corporate bottom lines, and refrain the experience with your fellow travelers.

All this is possible from the collective experience of fifty years and hundreds of thousands employees pouring those collective years of knowledge, skills and abilities into one airframe. The 737 Max represent its people and the sum of all its talents. You don't need another Dreamliner invention, you need another 737 having all that innovation applied from Boeing's 100,000 years of people experience.