Saturday, January 9, 2016

Least We Not Forget The 777X

I didn't forget about the 777X, its folding wing and plastic to boot. The winter is long, but not that long. I can hardly wait to pull the wrapper off the 777X during 2016. First things first is the wing fold. They (military) did it every day for almost for seventy-five years. It's nothing new and it has never been tried before in commercial aviation. Why, nobody knows they (Boeing) havn't tried it? Its time has finally come and it’s about time. A simple fold will add twenty-four feet to a magnificent albatross like 777X wings that people will actually pay money to see while in flight. Did I mention I can't wait already? Yeah well you know about excitement the people had who flew in World War II from the then miniscule flat tops.

The design is Patented (Boeing), and added to the World's Largest twin engine passenger Jet at Boeing, the 777X.


If Boeing has the wing, they need a plant for which to build the "all plastic wing", so the concept won't come unhinged. Therefore, they built the huge plant for building the plastic folding wing.

Image result for Boeing Everett wing plant

In 2016 Boeing will start the 777X building process in a series of rather large steps. Boeing has mapped the steps from autoclaves, buildings, and 787 like advanced technology. Even though the 777X won't emulate the 787 in all aspects, it will borrow deeply from the paid for (well almost paid for $30 Billion pit) 787 technology for appropriate application on the 777X. A drop-off from the 787 designs to the 777X techno design occurs by not including an all-electric system core Boeing had exploited earlier with the 787, but will incorporate 787 like windows and tinting. Rumor has it that the window shade people are close to perfecting a total blackout window which some flying customers insist on having. These could and should show up on the 777X.

The 777X importance is found during 2016, since design freeze has happened and the wing plant is huge. The sum of all Boeing's accomplishment is packed into the 777X. I am excited.