Saturday, January 16, 2016

Air India Hopes The 787 Flies Its Way Out Of Debt

The Boeing 787 is as critical for Air India as the bank itself. The Boeing aircraft in its fleet carries its many passengers as super-efficient cash register. Air India recently pleaded its case for another 4,270 R's Crore or 1 Rs equals a 157,000 dollars US.  A loan of about 670 million as a US Dollar value is needed for Air India. What it will do is bridge Air India debt status until it actually reaches a profit status. 

Low fuel prices, 787's and an efficient management scheme is the promise for loan payback and airline profitability. What underlies such a loan is Air India's' competence for running an airline. They must also it is capable of keeping its aircraft on schedule and on time. This would include passing complaints onto Boeing's money making product. 

Winging IT has long observed Air India propensity for a high number of mechanical mishap for its 21-787 fleet. It was quick to report another 787 problem was encountered. In spite of the reactionary posing, Air India is making money with its 787 fleet and is a key component of the "pending and final" bridge loan until profits flow.

The pending Rs Crore 4,270 loan, is a price equaling the cost of about 3.2 787's on order. The $670 million in US dollars loan, can sew up all Air India deficiencies and allows the 21 in service 787's for operating and mopping up profits and cash for purchasing the remaining 787's on the Air India order book. 

Air India is seeking this opportunity of becoming the leading player in the sub-continent as other world airlines continue circling the continent for an incursion.