Thursday, January 7, 2016

Boeing Once Again World's Largest Airplane Manufacturor

The grand Total is 762 Airplanes "delivered", making them once again world's largest producer of aircraft. So it begins:

Aircap-Recap 2015

Let's do this by type delivered.

 Type               # Delivered
737's/BBJ all types: 495
747's all types:         18
767's all types:         16
777-300ER:              79
777-300F:                19
787-800:                 71
787-900:                 64
Total:                     762

Book Price recap: does not include actual price Boeing has received during a sale. Since, Boeing's price is often discounted on bulk sales, or price increased during a customization of any aircraft, hence changing the actual sale price. Therefore the book price is used as a guidance number only until final accounting numbers are reported.