Thursday, January 7, 2016

Boeing's Gross 2015: Sales

The Boeing Recaps
787 Family-2015 Gross Orders

737 Max

737 NG



777-300ER and 777X


There are 10 orders not listed in the above subsets as Boeing announces 878 total orders where Winging found only 869 orders from Boeing Charts. I have accounted for 8 unidentified 737's not included in the above charts. Two others are unaccounted for making up my 10 missing orders.

2015 Grand Total Gross Units Sold: 878 of all types before adjustments.

The Net effect comes from cancellations or prior orders having book changes from one model to another, therefore making a -110 adjustment during 2015. This is applied to the Boeing book account netting 768 aircraft total slotted for production, and entering the Boeing Backlog.