Tuesday, January 12, 2016

World's Largest is.... Boeing (Evening Edition Late Nite is in)

Both in number manufactured and dollar value Boeing reigns Supreme. Here is the tale of the Ticker-Tape.

Or just let me tell you, what all this means? In spite of what Airbus sells, they can't shove them out the door as fast as Boeing is capable of doing. All the selling without increased production will quagmire Airbus customers into a bigger pit of the desperate wait.  Boeing is arriving into the five year happy place for its customers. Airbus will either have to give the sales team a near term furlough or build more capacity which will take another few years to do so.

The five year happy place is the customer's five years plans for fleet expansion and renewal. What if all those Airbus orders puts its customers “Seven Years Out Waiting ”, while they are experiencing a climatic wait-hold period, and an airline's fortunes take a dip when having a huge Airbus backlog. Those my friends, are called cancellations on the Airbus order book. Recession cycles run about every seven years. Since 2008, the world is due another recession.

Not to worry, Airbus single aisle division claims a 60 per month pacing by the end of 2016 for its A320 family. However, as eager as Airbus is about its A350 program it will be another three years of production before it may reach a capacity of ten a month. 

Boeing is already at 12-787's a month production and will soon go to 14. Boeing can stay ahead of Airbus as the World's largest manufacturer until 2019. However, Boeing is not standing on its current production laurels as it will increase its own capacity at all production sites, it currently operates. Both the Everett and Charleston has room for growth without Boeing hesitation.

                        Boeing                                                                Airbus                                                                    

Let's opine on the above head to head charts for Boeing and Airbus. Winging It, used the standard price listings from a reputable source whose business is to report and advise on such price listings to the aviation industry.  Sources can be disclosed upon request, 

But it is consistent that price listings come from the same source so no argument can exist for slanting data in Boeing's favor. If indeed these list prices do not meet your understanding, such as using a Wiki source, then you must concur these prices are consistently approximate from the same neutral source.

  • Boeing collected monies to the tune of $111.5 billion dollars for its 762 aircraft delivered.

  • Airbus collected monies to the tune of $85.760 billion dollars for its 635 aircraft delivered.

Boeing beat Airbus by 127 Aircraft and then collected about $25.816 billion more dollars than what Airbus could do. Look at wide body and single aisle analysis for a better understanding who's doing what to whom.