Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Amazon Is Going For The 767 and It Should Lease 20

Amazon Dot Com maybe leasing 20, 767 as it found with UPS', and FedEx's business models are having the 767 a notion of a sweet deal. This is an Amazon deep-in-the-dealing news note coming from “Tweak Town”:

That would make the 767's order year very promising, if it is validated after negotiations are completed. All news information regarding potential Boeing purchases will be tracked on this "Winging It" theme of a "BBY". Fondly noted as, "Boeing's Big Year". My own sense tells me Boeing will handsomely book well beyond the 762 birds it delivered in 2015, thus making it a BBY. The FedEx book holds 49, 767's on order even as the UPS aspirations for booking 767’s are looking up towards Boeing's direction for freight equipment in its parcel business. In spite of rumors about the 767's death, they have been greatly exaggerated.