Monday, January 11, 2016

Flight ANA Goes Fishing And Catches A Fare with Vietnam Airlines?

The significance of ANA buying into Vietnam Airlines (VA) incredibly enhances Boeing's chance of selling more Dreamliners. Since Vietnam Airlines already has a strong order book for wide body assortment of aircraft, it buys both Airbus and Boeing in a hefty supply for a smaller carrier, Vietnam Airlines may tilt further in Boeing's direction. Currently, Vietnam shows eight 787-9 Booked, but has more optioned, greater than the sum of the Airbus A350's on the order list.

Vietnam Airlines will gain ANA spinoff expertise in managing its fleet from the ground up, as it now has just introduced the 787-9 to its fleet. The ANA share power going into Vietnam will certainly influence the future of VA's decision-making. This move strengthens VA's footprint in Southeast Asia.