Monday, January 18, 2016

787-9 Acts Like A Normal Airplane During A Wind Shear In Flight

However, I will give you a Rocky Mountain High on the backside of a 787 wind shear story at 40,000 ft. The only comparison for me was on an L-1011 in the nineteen nineties coming out of Salt Lake going to Jacksonville, Fl. The ride couldn't put trays on the floor like the stage 5 drop this 787 experienced for Air New Zealand (recounted down below).

BA 777 Flight scene during turbulence

My ride had too few passengers on it to matter. The seat belt light came on and the cabin crew implored adherence to the warning, by stating, "the upcoming turbulence will put passengers on the ceiling if not properly belted in. They cleared the bathrooms for thirty minutes. It was just plain fun going through the Rocky Mountain front with a twist. The L'1011 creaked and groaned. Then it shimmed and shook. The elevator ride plunged downward for the appropriate price of the amusement park ticket, we all got the shaft. The turbulence lasted near on 15 minutes, an eternity. "Drinks will be served immediately following the turbulence somewhere over Texas", a voice piped-in from the PA coming from a undisclosed flight attendant at an undisclosed part of the aircraft where passengers can't see. They had first shots at the liquids before serving passengers, but they served liberally and often. Jacksonville, Fl had such a smooth landing, don't know why, it just did.

Here's a good story, even better than my own Rocky Mountain High. The 293 787-9 Passengers and the 13 crew had no warning in this event. They had a massive food fight scattering trays, paper and debris everywhere in the cabin. No worries nine more flight-time hours remained for the clean-up. The aircraft was not harmed, it performed as expected.

Air New Zealand's Food Dump at 40,000 feet Flight NZ90
Many people's dinner ended up on the floor when the plane dropped suddenly.
Photo: Instagram: ayastagrammmm

“Passengers screamed as the plane dropped sharply twice without warning and starting shaking violently sending wine arcing into overhead luggage compartments and fully laid food trays littering aisles.
A passenger posted on social media site Imgur that an hour into the 10-hour flight the plane suddenly dropped and started "shaking like crazy" sending everything in the air and spraying wine on to the cabin roof.
Falsabaiana said passengers were screaming.
"It was terrifying. I thought that might be the end of me."
He said he was about to tuck in to his meal when the violent turbulence struck.
"I was just about to eat mine and then it was literally ripped from my eager fingers," said Falsabaiana.
Poster Ollieislame described the panic.
"We had a little bump-de-bump at first and then all of a sudden the plane just dropped and started shaking like crazy. Then the second drop came. Everything up in the air, wine on the roof. Quite a few screams and general terror."
According to poster hairway2steven a cabin steward was injured trying to clean up.
"One of the stewards cut his finger pretty badly, but maybe that was from picking up glass afterwards."
Passengers said the cabin crew did their best to make everyone comfortable for the rest of the flight.
Falsabaiana said: "They went through and picked up everything they could but they just weren't equipped to do much more and so many people needed help cleaning themselves up I don't think it was that high a priority."
Posted Ollieislame: "After it all calmed down, one of the attendants let us know that it was a case of severe turbulence and bad weather they didn't anticipate, that the pilots were readjusting course to get around it. Nicely finishing up the information with 'There is nothing wrong with the plane, yet'."
Air New Zealand today said Flight NZ90 encountered unexpected, strong turbulence during a meal service, which caused "some catering items to fall from service carts".