Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Winging It Fall Reading Assignment

Every so often, "Winging It" likes to put out a reading assignment worthy of anyone's time that loves aviation, and the churnings of the Business. Today, a CAPA article made the cut featuring Ethiopian Airlines, a long favorite topic of this blog. The first delivered 787's went to Ethiopian Airlines when Winging It first said, "watch Ethiopian and see what they will do with the 787 and its profits".

Christmas Past Winging It Quote: 2012-2013 Circa

“Another look is for Ethiopian Airlines in what the 787 does for its bottom line.  They will be a good case study, since they own such a smaller number of aircraft and fly long routes. The 787 will have an immediate impact from its operations, where you will see how it drives the bottom line at the end of next fiscal year.  This is a manageable study of its business plan and bottom line. You may gain a distinct appreciation for the 787's financial impact on Ethiopian  Airlines."