Friday, October 16, 2015

More Orders Will Fall Into Boeing's Lap During 2015

It ain't over till it's over is the theme for this year ordering for Boeing, as it closes off 2015. I have termed the issue as "Hanging Orders", much like Broward County’s hanging chad during the Broward County Florida, USA presidential vote count, the year back then is the 2000 election cycle. George Bush won it, despite the hanging Chad.


The year is 2015 and aviation sloths need a big magnifying glass for its cogent analysis for the upcoming final count on the Boeing final tally. I have copiously surveyed the news nuggets and come up with this news nugget from our friends at Flight Global:

"Moreover, on 24 September Boeing issued a vague statement that China Aviation Supplies Holding Company, which buys jets for China’s airlines, would obtain 190 737s and 50 unspecified wide bodies. Some of these aircraft, when confirmed, will likely be 787s."

When it will be a confirmed statement is a 2015 matter, I assume Sherlock. China will be rocking the Boeing Order Book making chump change out of the Middle East’s aspirations for dominance during 2015, possibly?