Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bombs Away Its Northrop

Northrop Wins Air Force Long Range Strike Bomber Contract  <<<Link

Just in off the wire: Northrup beats Boeing, Lockheed for LRB contract more news later

long range bomber

Here's another look at the deal from Defense World <<<Link

Boeing-Lockheed may challenge award like they did in the Tanker award.

Boeing may need to lick its wounds and go big on its next bid up. If they do challenge the award it would be to its own detriment, because it becomes a big waste of time and money for everyone plus creating some DoD bad will it can ill afford. as big a fan of Boeing that I am, I am glad Northrup gets the award as it keep the competitive DNA working in our military defense complex. Northrup built the B-2 and its an awesome aircraft. Despite the naysayers coming from Boeing saying they have only built a handful of military aircraft recently. Boeing quickly forgets its own risky adventures in military building. The Lockheed F-35 program as hot as it has become is replete with setbacks. So Boeing -Lockheed, don't call the Northrop secret ops black when executing a contract as if it were a blank check.