Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Microlattice Doesn't Reinvent The 787 But It Could Revolutionise It

Micro-Lattice is a micro light material from processing existing materials like metals into a super light and super strong matrix with the lightness of a dandelion seed head. A primary application could be used in aircraft components and automotive structures. Any area having a potential for compression and shock would benefit from it as it is more shock absorbent than bubble wrap, while having a significant greater structural integrity and significantly less weight. Let's just image this new invention on the Dreamliner in areas now occupied by heavier materials, having less applicable dynamic function than what any current material can provide. The floor decking, seating constructs, and wall panels fly off of any brainstorming session with ideas, as if the 787 could just as well float. The "egg" or the passenger, could sit in a Microlattice seat protecting it like it would from a terminal velocity fall from a 25 story building. Beneath them is a microlattice floor. Finally the lab suggest a wall panel protecting passengers from side impact. However, all this magic weighs thousands of pounds less than what currently flies on the Dreamliner making it more efficient. Watch for this implementation on all Boeing products as soon as it can finish its development for many more applications protecting the consumer

Please stand-by for an article link, and its short Boeing video below: