Saturday, October 24, 2015

Watching Boeing's 787-10 Production Clock

Currently, Boeing is receiving parts for assembly on its 787 family with frame #388 in sequence since the beginning. How far do we wait for the 787-10 to start production? The production order suggest it will be frame sequence Line #528. This represents Boeing 140 frames to go before the first 787-10 test frame enters Charleston's plants. This count is for both Everett and Charleston's sequencing. Everett produces more 787 each month even though the South Carolina has narrowed the gap.

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Predicting the slide-in for a 787-10 frame in Charleston becomes a guesstimation. Charleston is about spot on with three 787 a month delivery pace. Everett has a 7.5 a month 787 pace equaling about 11 787 a month in total for both plants. This brings to the guessing game when the first 787-10 will enter Charleston's parts bin where the production clock starts ticking.

Looking at when it will happen, should be sometime in October 2016 when the first 787-10 frame will enter into Charleston's production line. An overall rate of 11-12 787 a month having an average going forward, reaches an extending count of 140 frames during the next twelve months. After this it reaches Boeing's 787-10 frame sequence # 528, estimating it to occur by this time next year.   Please take into consideration all the preparation for this to happen may be subject to change, and it could be delayed by days, weeks or months in the grand scheme of things. However, all things considered, October 2016 could be the 787-10 start month.

Considerations is also taken, from lessons learned from Boeing's successful 787-9 production process, which will be applied to the Charleston experience for the initial time since another 787-9 type began its matriculation in Charleston. Boeing most certainly will export its experienced expertise from Everett to Charleston for this endeavor of starting-up of the first group of 787-10. It will be a repeat of the 787-9 experience of success, only in a bigger version.