Thursday, October 1, 2015

End Of Month Comment

Defense issues, programs and progress have been a feature in Winging IT during the third quarter 2015. It was not by accident. In fact this blog has incorporated into its composition facets of Navy ships, Fighter jets and Tankers from Boeing. The common denominator comes from military themes and national importance going forward. Boeing is in the midst of this vortex. The Military Industrial Complex is at this century's crossroad from the financial perspective, and having an unsure foreign policy throughout the world it becomes a more critical focus on what our nation needs to build. Military equipment is the tool box of our foreign policy.

It is time to step up with a new feature for the Winging It Blog. It will be Americas Long Range Bomber (LRB) program. The military purchasing program has delayed a decision for two more months from its earlier announcement date by end of September 2015. The players are Boeing-Lockheed and Northrup participants. A shroud of secrecy over the LRB attributes exists for all manufacturers joined in the contract hunt.  Boeing with its famed expertise for plastic flying bodies, Lockheed for its more famous dash of flying excellence through its super-secret spy planes. Northrup-Grumman is no slouch for bomber air-frames either. They have built some serious Bombers just by looking.

Northrup-Grumman B-2 B Stealth Bomber
B-2 Spirit original.jpg

So here is the Blogs perspective, no matter who wins the bid, it won't have Boeing's auto attention thrown on it. Since this is an almost Boeing exclusive Blog. Winging It, will apply due diligence and enthusiastic commentary for the winner of the Bid Process selection. In other words, I will submit a follow-up on all event milestones regarding the "Life of The American Long Range Bomber", during its development start through the first delivery time frame.

Northrup Super-Secret Bid Is What lies Beneath

The next step is the announcement phase for the LRB winner. I don't care who wins the bid, but I do care if the winner is the best choice for this nation. If Northrup does win, I am excited about this nation. If Boeing-Lockheed wins it had to be better than Northrup submission, otherwise, I would hate to hear of a crony outcome, because all our lives are dependent on the B-52 bomber replacement. The B-52 reaches age 70 before I do, in fact, the first B-52 to fly is older than I am, by four months. The first one flew in April 1952. Now we find ourselves at this point in history. We need a new LRB! All the players are game and can get the job done. Winging It wants to follow this airplane passage no matter the winner of this once-in-a-lifetime event for me. I invite you also to come along for the ride.

Boeing-Lockheed LRB Assumption Is Depicted Below