Thursday, October 15, 2015

EVA Order Shaping Up With 24 787-10's

EVA (Taiwan) air has moved towards a 787 order with Boeing's largest 787-10. It will order 24 airplanes for its fleet. Included in the order is two more 777-300ER totaling $8 Billion booked, if order progression fly's onward. Winging It has suggested this order was done a few months back. 

Winging It Link: July 2015

It was one of Boeing's hanging order predictions now coming into fruition. Another prediction was Boeing going for 100 plus 787 orders for 2015. This is an important step for that goal. However, Russian aviation has just announced a cancellation of about 22 of its 787 from Boeing books. It ain't over until it's over, and Boeing is offering a plea bargain with Aeroflot at this time.

Another order card holder is Emirates. The “Fall” is still young, and Boeing can still yet reach 100-787 ordered during 2015.