Sunday, October 18, 2015

Air India Delays Incompetence By Not Charging Boeing

Air India's much misaligned National air carrier who has for so long complained about 787 glitching out on so many scheduled flights, has now made a mature decision for its 787. It will not charge Boeing for its delivery delays with compensation on its last six models yet to be delivered. 

The original delivery schedule for those six 787 were have to occurred during July 2015 through March 2016. The AI schedule now moves to a later date of November 2016 through August 2018. 

The no talk position by its airline leaders suggests other possibilities than just shutting up about the 787 problems it has encountered. Winging It has always considered, AI not ready for a prime time player renovating its fleet with the 787 aircraft. They are just not ready for supporting the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world. They have acted as if they are a third world operation complaining about all the technological glitches Boeing has caused them.

The other world airlines have received copious quantity of 787. The likes of Japan Airlines, ANA and United have had their fair shares of "problems", since first delivery of the 787. Battery failures, landing gear issues and fire just to name a few problems other have experienced during the last four years.  

However, Air India has come out as one of the biggest complainers of problems of which none of its problems have even reached the same level of problems by the leading airlines just mentioned. Air India has finally grown up with its 787. The problems are mitigated through both Boeing and Air India's participation. They have grown up and are ready to go get the last six units entered into its production slots. No longer will they publicly lambast Boeing for its problems. Every aircraft ever made has its problems. 

Every airline ever operated also contributes to those problems. Air India does not get to escape that distinction of being exempt from responsibility when preparing for new technology which every other airline had prepared for, and then goes and mitigates glitches in a systematic order. ANA knew it had to gain an operational level never before considered when taking on its first high tech 787. 

Air India appeared to have a nonchalant attitude of business as usual with its 787 problems. That idea didn't fly well with the 787 on deck. Air India was behind the operational curve from the start. Even with all the glitching, they weren't prepared well for the inflight events and wanted to assign blame rather than assign technicians to the source problem. They called Boeing instead and complained and wanted more money for its trouble with the 787.

The question remains, why does Air India have all the problems and all rotten luck flying the 787, when others have had problems, but the others also make its own luck fixing problems instead of going to the press over it?

The answer is simple and here it is: Everybody having a 787 has grown up flying it in a very fast sequence. Air India is politically dependent of its country. So every politician or AI CEO politicize the problems so no responsibility is passed, "on their watch". Boeing then takes a public flogging from Air India's experience of multiple mishaps. Air India is about to lose part of its order (6-787) unless somebody takes responsibility for the 787 they own, just as all major airlines have done during its own difficult 787 times, they take "ownership" and move forward.

Plan B Air India: Nobody talks about the deal we have with Boeing fixing our problems. "People, we have a problem", and Boeing is going to fix it! Nobody talks, unless you resign from your well paid job first. Zip it up! Boeing is going to fix our problems and Air India will receive the delivery of six more 787's from Boeing starting in one years through 2018. 

Complaining is now off the table as the Air India begins acting like an Airline. The culture of blame has died as a way of staying on the job. Air India is growing up at last.