Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ethiopian Airlines Going For the 7778X

Ethiopian has indicated it will purchase 15-20 777-8X for its desert heat and higher elevation hub. The 777-8X beat out the A350-1000 as it "deemed the 7778X a better fit" reported by the Wall Street Journal. 

Airbus finds itself, in an apparent box with its A350 family of Aircraft from this singular purchase placed on the table for Boeing. The Airbus problem may continue for a while as the 777X family of twin engines will supersede anything Airbus offers, competing with any of Boeing's 777 twin engines, having extended range and passenger capacity beyond what Airbus can currently offer.
This may cap-off Airbus' A350-1000 sales campaign, as it will show fewer orders for this type going into the future. Currently Airbus is showing a stall over the last few years while the 777X family is outselling it by double in total numbers. The Mid-body heavy, the 787, has settled in finally, being the goto for its type holding the market share. As expected, Boeing would overcome the inconvenience of implementing its higher technology aircraft over the less technologically endowed A350-900. The A350-800 is currently a no go as it stands. 

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The importance of this order is not over-looked by both giant air framers. It was a head-to-head competition on a level playing field. As mention, it included many dynamic factors. Long Range capability, heat penalties, and take-off elevation, while using heavy passenger loads up to 350 passengers. The Airbus offering could not match Boeing, as it now will try and compare the A350-1000 with the Boeing 787-9 or 787-10 performance guidelines during head to head sales pitches.

A350-1000 is a lonely number, it’s twice as lonely as two 777X types. The air wars is not over but it has become increasingly apparent it was a bad decision going with half measures when competing with Boeing's new technological paradigm...