Friday, October 9, 2015

The Newest Battleground Market Is China

Boeing isn't sitting still on the obvious. China is the market to be the the leader in aircraft insertion. Its in the center quadrant  for north of the equator with Long range potential opened by both Boeing and Airbus. The 7778X is an obvious selection for aircraft for the mission as Ethiopian has just demonstrated by nixing the A350-1000 for the 7778X. The litmus test Boeing offered for its 777X was too positive for Ethiopian and Addis Abba to pass up.

I've read about Addis Abba's average temperature of 69 degrees year around and in every month. It's better than Hawaii's 80 F on stand-by. The only setback is no luxurious beach. It's landlocked. But that shouldn't stop any destination developer from exploiting the city, since the Boeing family of aircraft can get you there from anywhere.

China is the real topic. They have several, if not more Addis adda type features within its region. However none exactly like the heart of Africa. Airbus built a single aisle A320 factory, nine years ago, and now Boeing "Doubled Down" on Airbus with an upcoming 737 single Aisle factory for China and Boeing. The industrial aviation temperature for China is rising. But China still has location, location, and location for incoming landing's for the 787, 777 and others. Research suggest you can really get there from here and here etc. China wants a piece of the Addis Abba action for temperate climate zones even without having a beach, but they have beaches in the South East China.

China is rapidly becoming aviation important, because two conditions exist. 1. A Billion plus population and 2. having more people earning wages than the US has people at any given time.

Its location makes China the perfect transportation storm for the world. Much like the United States, it enjoys location with climate and industry. It needs airplanes to gain its ascendancy in the market place. In order to do that, they need to make money using airplanes, and it will diligently ascend to its place with the world market through time. China is really good at doing time. It's been around as a culture for a very long time, if counting 4,000 years a really long time.

The battleground has shifted from America to Europe and then to the  Middle East, as if a switch were thrown each time, turning on its moment for aviation and things. In a short dynasty of time, China will be competing, if not already.