Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Numbers Will Scare Airbus October 31, 2015

The October recap culminates, as it almost thrives on pushing and pulling the 787 program to maturation. Through smoke and fire, engine indicator lights and parts chain stalling, the Boeing people can now say, here we are! The chart below show just two less 787's delivered by end of October, compared with all of 2014. It will go forward with another 60 days of production, if considering guidance, it will beat 130 units for 2015. It may go with 144 units, unless Boeing starts its annual factory reconditioning with both Everett and Charleston plants. I will suggest a quiet Christmas for Boeing production, and guess out only about 138 787's for all of 2015.

Airbus Has A Mission and this Mission is chasing Boeing's ghostly 787 numbers; Ding  Dong-Trick or Treat.
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With the conclusion of 2015 rapidly approaching it stands to reason more orders are on the way and the 2015 order count will not stay at 50 YTD orders as listed above.

Below is the striking number of 280 787-8's delivered within four years since the first 787 arrived in 2011. Sixty more 787-9's have been delivered as it is positioned for 2016 as the primary type going to customers for the next three years. The tip coming from Winging It, is watch how many 787-10's are ordered.