Thursday, February 25, 2016

What Makes A 777X Great, It's The Wing Stupid

The 777X wing will be the 777X in its heart. Even with countless technological application on the 777X frame, everything will spin-off the wing. Boeing has long become the superior wing designer in the world over arch rival Airbus. The 777X wing is also the Boeing Wing Opus. The carbon fiber wing spars are seamless with no joins compared with its other carbon fiber wing buddies who have three joins going on in the 787 or A350 wings. This (777X) weight reducing (no joins) feature becomes stronger for the shapely 777X wing.


  Electroimpact's machines lay down thin strips of carbon fiber infused with epoxy resin.

The photo above shows what the epoxy resin carbon fiber wing laydown would look like this summer when in production in the huge Everett Wing plant adjacent to the 777X production floor. Even though Winging IT has featured the Electroimpact equipment costing millions per machine, it will include a Boeing proprietary computer driven laydown head for making 90 degree bends on the spars and follow shape making runs for the wing skin.

Two machines are needed per wing process. The Wing plant has room for six machines sets.

Electroimpact has come up with a potentially superior and fast process making perfect wings. The “potential” turns into reality when the 777X has first flight, then the world of aviation will emit a collective awe!

What is promising on the whole Wing Operation process as follows:

·      Perfect carbon laydowns
·      Programed shaping for 777X wing or for any other design.
·      Speed of process is higher than prior generation process
·      Monitoring in process assuring tolerances are met
·      Weight reducing through no spar joins needed

·      Hence a perfect wing