Friday, February 12, 2016

Last Word On MOM until late 2016 Announcement

Winging It must find a repose talking about MOM, or formally known as "Middle of the Market". An aircraft wedged in between the MAX and the 787 family. The discussion point was put to bed earlier in the week, then Flight Global throws another MOM log on the fire with its today's headlines:

All the plans for discussing MOM have now gone up in flames. A sure blog filler goes to rests. My sources are laid -off. Now I have to go back for some new stories and get the goods like I used to, work a problem until it reaches maturation and then discuss it in full page regurgitation just like the big fish do on a slow news day.

The discussion runs amongst the SEC probe, A330 annoyance, or Boeing long term profitability. You would think Boeing is a corporate disaster in a "Herbie Rides Again" movie episode. Then up pops this snippet from Flight Global long after the Winging It is furloughed into Hawaiian vacations. Bonuses are He** but somebody has to do it.

Currently there are no openings in the filing department nor is there a budget for filing away the day. We are currently putting on hold the letter "A" in the file department as the word "assumptions" has clogged the works. The staff will be back in late February and will work diligently on the folder under assumptions. It remains to me to fill-in in the mean-time.

Ouch, I was called up since I am the senior assumer on staff. I got out my intuition manual and reviewed my journalistic notes, "all about aviation intuition". Here in the middle of the notes is written, "Don’t forget about mom tonight!" 

Egad, I'm sunk, that note was from last month, and I had forgotten, I think. Enough with inappropriate commas. Or has Flight Global has stolen my December-January theme and has made the same points that Winging It has made, even when extracting it from my winding sentence structure into a technically written article? This reminds me why I write for Winging It. I like telling information in a story formation rather than in a technical presentation. You may know technical as dull or drab as Dragnet’s mannerisms and a “Winging It” is an off the wall assuming-intuitive story format. The story of Boeing's shenanigans needs to written in a "who done it" style minus all the straight talk. That is why Winging It lives another day. Using intelligent assumptions and technical intuition makes it far better than using actual quotes or company slogans as evidence for an article.

Intuition is right 90% of the time and actual quotes are coming from people who could be fired. A slogan is from the advertising department. Finally, this brings us to the assumption factor. It's a matter of "when and not if" that is wrestled with, using the surefire assumption methodology backed by an intuitive force driving it. We check it twice, as always and then wait for MOM to clean the bedroom and pack our lunch for school.