Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Plausible Argument For MOM Exist

As often as mentioned about the Middle of the Market aircraft, Boeing's answer is founded in the A321's market success. Leaving one to wonder if Boeing made a big mistake by not edging into the middle of the market with a revamped 757 follow-on to the Max. Arguments remain on both sides of the board room table. Flightglobal has come out with its own interpretation on this matter with:

Flightglobal quotes Randy Tinseth, VP of Boeing Marketing, and pursues the notion Boeing is dropping the Middle of the market suppositions. The counter for its evidence and argument for dropping a 757 replacement from one side of the boardroom comes another argument. 

The 757 (MOM) replacement will fit into Boeing's new approach of doing business in the world's market. Any Boeing suppositions has rules in which to follow. 

  • Rule One: Eliminate heady announcements and wait until after an advance of actual start of a new program.
  • Rule Two: Announce a new program only when current program disruptions are minimal or have minimal impacts with Corporate Financial performance. 
  • Rule Three: Identify probable customers and ultimate Market potential.

"Boeing chief financial officer Greg Smith on 3 February drew an even darker veil around the company’s plans for a new product aimed at addressing a gap between the 737 Max 9 and the 787-8."

Therefore, the rules have been implemented for the 757-MOM project.

Three rules are a maximum for better point making even though there are probably ten rules in play from following biblical guidance.

Boeing has not closed enough programs nor has it amassed enough capital adding a new program on its strained resources. It wouldn't be appropriate for Boeing announcing an elliptical MOM at this time. In fact money for such a project has been identified nor have customers committed to such an Idea. Boeing does not have an anchor order up its sleeve for the MOM. If it did then rule three was achieved.

Rule two: has two programs in the crux of the "Air wars", MAX and the 777X, thus disqualifying the MOM from the boardroom discussion.

Rule one: The MOM is not a moonshot, but comes from using what Boeing hath wrought. All new sketches are permissible, however resources are engaged with concurrent programs of the Max and 777X. Once the Max is launched (delivered), then a consideration for the "MOM" will be forthcoming. A new program remains a lady in waiting, and will move forward once rules two and three can be sustained, at which time the all-important 777X has progressed into flight testing.
The Mom should be announced in 2018, as it will have a significant amount of paper development already accomplished, and all the resources identified for full implementation of the project without having any setbacks for slowing its announced arrival.