Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Predictive Nature Of Boeing Blogging

It's always important foreseeing future trends based on current and past efforts while making an assumption out of whole paper tissue. Currently Boeing and Airbus has already made its 2015 statements representing many months of activity and preparation. Airbus holds the order book advantage going into December 2015. Boeing holds a few more calculated surprises which in no means will overtake the Airbus lead, but will demonstrate a market position in both the wide body and narrow body markets.

The scorecard is important to Airbus as an arm of its marketing scheme. They have achieved a draining of its order swamp this year going into the end of 2015 with its 910 gross order book count.

It beats Boeing in count by a wide margin which has mustered 647 Boeing aircraft booked in a gross count way. The question becomes what does this all mean in a snapshot.


  • Boeing drained its order swamp in 2014
  • Airbus pricing is favorable with neutral leaning customers 
  • Boeing Wide body has gained market separation over Airbus Wide body
  • Airbus A320NEO keeps on keeping on
  • Boeing Max comes in late after the single aisle market bubble ordering pops.
Just looking at these few ideas about the Boeing order book is enough realization, Boeing knew 2015 would softened its bookings, and not to worry about what Airbus does in 2016. For them (Airbus) it will be tough to double down on its ordering pace for two years in a row.

Boeing has achieved a benchmark that Airbus doubted when the first A350 was delivered. There should be no continuation of 787 order dominance. Airbus believes that once the A350 was delivered it was game over for the 787. Not so fast my friend! The 787-9 and 787-10 keeps up with orders while the A350 family of orders has languished in 2015. Boeing takes in a net of 71 (97 gross) 787 orders in 2015 while Airbus only has seven (oops) A350 during the same period of time.

Those numbers suggest a serious separation for competing programs. The Boeing stretches out its order and delivery lead even though the A350 has put its best foot forward with Qatar deliveries. The Arab state isn't drawing many comparison between the two types of competitors it now owns. Being the Airbus A350 launch customer, you would think its own pride of choice would deem some disheartening remark towards the 787 in its fleet, as positioned as the Premier Airbus A350 Launch customer.