Saturday, December 12, 2015

TUI Synergy Is The 787 Energy

TUI is actually five airlines into one company. Making them one of the best synergistic notions of business replications throughout its individual national footprints. England, Sweden and Germany to name a few of those aspirations found Europe, have turned a corner and gained a solid position for ordering more wide body aircraft. It bought early, the 787, for Great Britain vacations to the Caribbean and beyond. Now TUI is acting on the GB established model with its 787 fleet. Mission was accomplished much to the delight of those flying out of Southwick to Mexico.

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A Winging It Feature:

An airline who looks forward for more 787's is an airline who holds the high market ground. TUI subsidiaries have a trail already blazed through the Thomson Airways model. They can do this again four times over through ordering Boeing with the 787-8's or 787-9's. Germany TUI would want the 787-9's, I would think, and the Netherlands would want some 787-8's if I were betting on an order during 2016. Sweden could come forward for a dozen more. In all the TUI group of vacation purveyors could take on another fifty Dreamliners in the next couple of years. Combining planned fleet turnover of equipment and its fleet expansion opportunities, TUI will draw more 787's orders from Boeing. 

In 2016, watch for a TUI order placement coming from several of its subsidiary operations. Look for TUI-Sweden, Germany, and Netherlands play on the Boeing books with a mixture of 787-8, 787-9 and maybe a 787-10 order. Least I not forget the Brussels operation making a charming quintet of vacation plans from Europe to the Americas.