Saturday, December 12, 2015

DDG 1000 Makes Rescue During First Sea Trial

The yet to be named Zumwalt class  DDG 1000 rescues a fishing captain 40 miles to the South East of Portland Maine during its initial sea trials. The select crew performed the rescue in a small boat launched from the "Zumwalt class destroyer" at 3:00 am Monday last. "Rescue from other ships" now has a check mark for the DDG 1000 today. The Navy team onboard did their job well. The stealthy-like ship gives out a radar signature the size of a fishing boat even though its 15,000 tons is a massive seagoing object with a crew of about 180 members. The Arleigh-Burke class destroyer company is close to 300 members. This suggests more automations and sci-fi efficiency.

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