Thursday, December 3, 2015

How Did Airbus Get To 787?

That is right, the Airbus order count had to play some serious tricks to its order book for totaling a net of 787 A350's to date. When the A350-800 died(ugh), Airbus orders slumped down to a net total of 787 A350's since it had only 787 units ordered and had no other choice. Oh my, not 787 units on order, somehow, it’s Order Book Karma! Since it is also getting near the winter solstice, and I am ready for more valuable information, I am sharing outrageous observations during the season making a new Winging It Christmas tradition. Hours of Darkness improves my lucidity? Just think only 22 shopping days before I go broke.

Airbus needs to desperately sell one more A350, any takers?

Starting with 817 net A350's ordered "Winging It" considers these A350-800 adjustments! Subtract the net thirty Airbus loss over the A350-800 cancellations and transfers to other A350 aircraft, Viola its 787 time on the books.