Thursday, December 17, 2015

All Things 787 Blog Data Demonstrates Having Nine December Deliveries

All Things 787 by Uresh has made the case for 2015 as Boeing will deliver 135-787 during 2015. A remarkable increase over last year's huge effort of 114 -787 landing in customers hands. A chart derived from Uresh Seth's website, "All Things 787", demonstrates what the final number will bring to Boeing's production Juggernaut in 2015.

Currently, this Boeing tally shows 131 aircraft delivered as of December 17 for 2015. However, the deliveries in green are highlighted, to be delivered in the next two weeks, and will close out 2015 with 135-787 handed out.  The fourth Quarter 2015 should end with 35-787 delivered in quarter, sustaining a rate of nearly 12 a month pace during the last three months of 2015. Boeing should deliver 20 787-9 and 15 787-8 during the fourth Quarter. Indicating the quarter marks a permanent condition for Boeing since focusing on its more profitable 787-9 over the 787-8 production rate. Marking a turning point towards this propensity of 787-9's over the 787-8, will give Boeing a heightened cash position for 2016.