Monday, December 21, 2015

The A380 Makes The 777X Extraordinary (Part I)

When you have an A380 in a fleet then comes the 777X family of aircraft. The key word here is family. Long distance or moderate haul the 777X out performs, out distances and routes the ways A380 could deliver passengers. Most of the world's airports can't accept the A380 even if they dreamed of A380 airport congestion. It won't slot into Jet ways or ride the asphalt like the 777X family will. The A380 has met its common sense match through the 777X stable mates. For Christmas, Winging IT brings in another video feature for your travel contemplations. When will the 777X is scheduled for first delivery? In 2020, as the A380 goes through its White Elephant Phase.

Boeing 777X Firm Orders
Date of
Firm order
Nov 17, 2013GermanyLufthansa02020[46]
Nov 17, 2013United Arab EmiratesEtihad Airways[n 1]81725[46][47]
Dec 20, 2013Hong KongCathay Pacific02121[46][48]
Jul 9, 2014United Arab EmiratesEmirates35115150[46][49]
Jul 16, 2014QatarQatar Airways105060[46][50]
Jul 31, 2014JapanAll Nippon Airways02020[46]
Jun 4, 2015Unidentified Customer(s)01010[46]

It is important to understand about this wiki order chart, with each 777X ordered, it represents a substantial customer investment. Not every other airline in the world has the means for even ordering one of these huge aircraft, nor do they have the means to order an A380. However, the leading world carriers have made a substantial commitment for what will become the next step in aviation and travel. It is safe to say the 777X will replace the 747-8i customer version, and then it will ramp into a future cargo arena, which the A380 should never venture, because of its landing slot inability as found within most world airports. 

It is also safe to safe to say the A380 is no longer wanted, as shown from this order registry exhibited below.  

Since the 777X was announced in late 2013, the A380 has only booked 13 of its type from 2014.

A380 firm net orders and deliveries
Net ordersA380-80078341010243394321994213317

Hence it is also safe to say the 777X has shut down the A380 ordering, when it made its own late 2013 777X announcement. It offers too much advantage over the A380 novelty.