Wednesday, December 9, 2015

American Airlines 787-9 Premium Economy

I'd buy it on long flights. Twenty-one seats offered in three rows of 2-3-2 configuration will make "any pond jump” for a sensible price with enough extras complimenting your extended hours of travel enjoyment.

American Airlines 787-8 seating chart.

The American Airline 787-9 delivery in 2016 will have this intercontinental flair for its passengers. Judging by what others are doing, American will make a slightly more expensive ticket than an Economy Plus worth on price for long legged routes.

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Leg room six inches more room (37" pitch estimation). Seats having a significant width wider than economy in comparison (about 22"). Upgrades on in-flight amenities and boarding privileges. Viola, your trip from Seattle to Paris becomes remarkable on the 787-9 for the price significantly less than business class pampering. 

This American Airline rendition should carry about 260 passengers. United has 252 seats on its 787-9 for comparison. Winging It estimates about 260+ for American Airlines until seating is announced late in 2016, before American Airline first delivery.