Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Boeing Order Book Graphed

Boeing has amassed orders for a seamless transition from it production floor going from NG to Max effort. The only gap found in the order book is the 747-8i has stalled as the new found twin solution makes it obsolete. A 747-8i doesn't die because of Airbus, it dies because of the 777X concept.

Owning two 405 seat 777-9X can fly more destinations than one 500 seat A380. The A380 is also a dead concept no matter how luxuriously appointed the Gulf States make it.

A Business Finance News Chart


With over 4,000 single aisle and over 1,000 Wide Bodies backlogged, Boeing has its work scheduled in a envious position. Comparing with Airbus who has a larger backlog it will be difficult for Airbus to fit more orders in a timely manner. Boeing has synced its production slots closer to market demand, and it will serve them well when marketing for more orders. Airlines who are expanding or are newly forming can fit its fleet expansions for single aisle ordering with Boeing, an important consideration when matching financial resources with business plans.