Monday, December 14, 2015

The AI Team Loves It When A Plane Comes Together

The AI team from India reports a 6% profitability margin, largely due to the influence of the 787 fleet of 21 units found within its 107 airplane fleet. Amongst all the 787 complaints and mishaps Air India can't seem to avoid the fuel efficiency of the 787 lifting its profit line up by the bootstraps. The plane just works well on the bottom line, even though Air India tries as it may, a bumbling approach to the airline industry.

Image result for Air India 787 missing panel 
Missing Panel from a screwless Blow Out an AI Maintenance Issue

Air India likely to make 6% profit this fiscal, first since merger   

At last, Winging It, can stop complaining about Air India's gift of the 787 making a mark, despite of all its attempts by the same AI muddling up loose panels, scabbing parts, and questionable maintenance issues. Other companies around the world seem to avoid bumblings with its own 787s or at least those local press reports don't make it to the news wire. The Dreamliner has lifted Air India to profitability much to my amazement and awe. Maybe Air India is on to something others are tight lipped about, the 787 makes money. The sooner a company gets on an order list with Boeing, the more shares of stock can be sold, or is it the other way around? 

Either way, the Air India profit call out is a testament that through fire and smoke or missing panels you make money with the 787, and remain profitably happy. It's a safe airplane and a safe bet, fortunes will turn around in spite of any government's good intentions. Ethiopian did it first, and finally Air India is on the cusp of financial competence. Every other carrier in between must have a similar story hidden within its financial internals.