Friday, December 4, 2015

DDG 1000 Zumwalt Goes To Sea Trials Possibly December 7th

My favorite destroyer is going all out, maybe this Monday. The billions planted on board will make way for testing its systems under full operations with its crews and BIW expertise for the big shakedown. In case you have been living under an anchor, the Zumwalt is the equivalent of the Air Force F-35 when it comes to innovation and technology applications.

Image result for ddg 1000 destroyer

The massive destroyer is just bigger and faster than the Arleigh Burke class destroyer. It is stealthier and contains more firepower than most fighting ships found in the world. A projectile from the Zumwalt could sail 60 miles to its target, where the "round" applies inertia and mass obliterating buildings, ships and other wartime objects, and all while coming in at the speed similar to a meteor from space (via rail gun). It could manage the ocean battlespace for both air support and coordinate other ships by using satellite connectivity with multi military systems. It may be invisible from electronic sweeps from its design features. Three will be built, maybe that is all that is needed, one for each Ocean.