Monday, January 30, 2017

Winging It Takes A Break

It’s time to slow down Winging It air traffic. After a run from November 2011 until the end of January of 2017 totaling 5.3 years. This will be a notice for the readers “Winging It will not produce multiple articles a week, but will go to a sporadic issue using monthly summaries or articles for some other momentous occasion of writing about Boeing Commercial aircraft and military stuff.

Linda with "author" Andrew, and the spirit of a Winging It's Grizzly

A new chart has been started showing the air war for world’s largest air framer comparing units of Airbus and Boeing 2017 progress and value. At the end of each month this chart will update whose relative position of being world’s largest airplane maker.

It’s been a fascinating experience and a joy to write almost every other day or in some cases daily. Keep watching for new articles but don’t expect more than about two articles a month using summary content or exceptions in the news cycle to appear.

Even though at times, grammar is not been the strong suit of the blog, it is in light of my current condition. When I started I couldn’t type and if I did type it was only brief sentences. I had to relearn everything, as I couldn’t remember much from a brain injury.

The early blog sometimes had monstrous presentations where an editor could red ink the whole page with corrections for word usage, spelling, and sentence structure. Winging It was only after sharing information and opinion at the sacrifice of the English language. Gradually, improvement was made. Even though today there are flaws, they're are much fewer in number.

My thinking has improved greatly as compared with the beginning of the assignment. Even though, at that time, my thinking was excellent but motor skills and memory suffered. The blog was the assignment to improve those motor skills and memory. It’s not 100% today, but has taken a journey where the road has come to an end as a writing assignment.

In conclusion, there will be month ending numbers for the 787 program as always provided by Winging It and then another article featuring the World’s largest airplane manufacturer with an Airbus-Boeing competition chart. It will close out week one of February 2017. After that, the occasional offering as mentioned at the top of this article.