Friday, January 27, 2017

Boeing Can't Decide Who's Max on First What's on Second

Having not posted about "Launch Customer" over the last six years, it has come a time to do so while explaining who’s on first what's on second in a drivel of insight from Winging It. In December 2011, Southwest Airlines placed its launch customer order for 150 737's Max types. The line in the sand is drawn on that date. It is Boeing's launch customer for the 737 Max PERIOD! 

Now comes “who’s on first” and “what's on second”, portion of this discussion. Norwegian Air bunted its way to first (January 2012) thus Moving Southwest to second. It still remains for Southwest to score first from second after getting on first before Norwegian batted second. 

After following the above drivel in a concise manner, "Southwest" is the first up as Launch Customer and about to score this summer as Boeing's Max launch customer. It must score from second after the Norwegian Air bunt. However, Norwegian stole home on an "I don't know" play from third, suggesting it was launch customer, because it started from "First". 

However, Southwest, standing on second looked at "I don't know third". It's really messed up as Boeing loaded the bases on walks and sent Southwest home on a walk at the plate coming from its going first and receiving it's first customer copy by October 2017, where Norwegian slides in during June of 2017 ahead of Southwest's Max delivery schedule.

Norwegian has a 737 batting average of 108 737 Max ordered and Southwest has a batting average of 200 Max ordered. In a trade deal Southwest is waiting for some players to be retired before moving its pieces around the game board and Norwegian got a "six 737 card for 2017", putting them at home plate in  "Monopoly" fashion. The game changed to Monopoly before Southwest could trade off some its players while making room for the Norwegian Max 8's to steal home (pass go) using a draw card. "Baseball plus Monopoly" is the fastest growing board game this year. Southwest got to first, first, and then is delivered second, with an "I Don't Know" play from third. 

If you have questions post them here and a crack team of operators will answer them. Ask for Bud Abbott or Lou Costello because "I don't care" who scored "first" or why it’s "second".

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