Sunday, January 22, 2017

HMS Queen Elizabeth Takes the F-35B To The Dance

Doubtfully due to arrive on May 29, 2017 at Plymouth England with both the Queen and President Trump in attendance. 
HMS Queen Elizabeth - which is 72,000 tons and 932 feet long - has been described as the most 'potent' conventional weapon against Islamic State
PA(c) /UK Daily Mail Photo

Like all great works it has its stains and needs some polishing on its systems before delivery. It doesn't help to have labor disputes prior to its arrival where it could extend the delivery date further out as any work force disputes could lay down on the job from its own needs.

BAE Systems Sketch UK Daily Mail

UK Daily Mail Photo Source

The new Queen Elizabeth by the Numbers:

972 feet Long
128 feet water width (240' deck width)
39 feet high
72,000 tons
679 ship compliment with additional troop space
1,600 personnel capacity
50 Aircraft Compliment 
25 Knots speed

The new Gerald R. Ford  Class American Carrier by comparison is:

General Characteristics, Gerald R. Ford class 
Builder: Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Va.
Propulsion: Two nuclear reactors, four shafts.
Length: 1,092 feet
Beam: 134' water width, Flight Deck Width: 256 feet.
Displacement: approximately 100,000 long tons full load.
Speed: 30+ knots (34.5+ miles per hour)
Crew: 4,539 (ship, air wing and staff).
Armament: Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile, Rolling Airframe Missile, CIWS.
Aircraft: 75+.

The point of the Queen Elizabeth is the F-35 B as it will have its own Geo-Political sphere of influence with technology.