Friday, January 20, 2017

Then there was Block 10 F-35's

The attempts of the going against  F-35 becomes a possibility of success using currently built 4th generation fighters, which makes a "golden shot" or uses "silver bullets". Tests evaluation has enumerated 270 deficiencies most notably centered on its super computer capability. It sounds like a Windows 95, 7, and 10 progression which Microsoft wrestled with over the last several decades for all its business suites and operating systems it had developed.

The Windows program story is replicated in the F-35 program development. A measurement starts with what is flying and what is envisioned to be flying later in the development. The testing office says, "It’s inadequate until 270 deficiencies are solved and that will take until 2019 to resolve the F-35's combat capability and programming installations. The current block 2F installed and 3i testing of its flying capability relegates the F-35 to America's backyard over vast empty spaces.

It is not war ready, but is ready to give a lot of people something to think about. It only has Block "3P" installed at this time. "P" for possibilities referencing the original vision. Currently, it is just a paper money shredder at this time. Fly it in combat and every copy will sink another $120 million into the ground if it fails, as it is not even ready for 4th generation fighters having upgrades.

The Block 10 contract is on the verge of signing, making more production copies performing at version 3i. The block 3F-4F versions will fight and not remain in the national scabbard as the former block 2F and 3i must do. The best way to look at the progression is to simplify the how this works out in functionality progression.

  • ·      2F- Base testing model: Quote: "It Flies like a fighter" 2011
  • ·      3i- Development testing Quote: "It has so many options (270 errors) so little time" 2015
  • ·      3F  Program execution Quote:   "It will mop up the skies" by 2019"
  • ·      4F  Program enhancements Quote: "I always knew you would amount to something" 2021
The F-35 4F brain is the quest and everything before it is the journey. So when the program tester, Says it has, "270 problems", he is doing his job well because the program chief has found enough flaws validating the process going towards its excellence of its vision.

The most expensive and most complex fighter in the world can't be matched by 2021. Other nations do not have the resources, capabilities, or expertise to make an F-35. They have the know-how for building pilot centered great aircraft, but not a smart aircraft which carries a pilot as the US is currently building. Contract Block 10 is a measure of the F-35 progressions. Lockheed would build 90 more follow-on supported by Block 3F  development, once Block 10 is signed.

It has been stated the score card as follows:

  • ·      Block 10- 3F 3i
  • ·      Block 1-12 2F-3i-3F, 490 cumulative F-35's
  • ·      Block 12-14 3F 452 additional F-35's

By 2021 a total of 942 F-35's having brains of Block 2F through 4F capabilities. The program will be go time unless world war strikes first. I do not want war for the sake of any pride or inventions, but America will be well defended if something terrible does occur.