Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 5 Weight Reduction Extends The Terminal lines

The 787, long known for its CFRP body is making the 787 per sq foot of passenger space the lightest of aircraft in its class. Over fifty percent of the aircraft is reinforced carbon fiber constructions. Going further in key areas, all portions of the 787 have under gone a goal that every component weight matters. From the flight crews flying work space to the lack of fasteners typically found on one of its cousin's aluminum constructs. The goal was to build everything lighter and more efficient. The 787 from passenger seat materials to the soap dish amenity signals a very light behemoth considering its girth.

Airlines bid to beat their weight problem

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The Grinch has just proposed a brilliant ideal that Boeing is looking into from the Jet way level. The Grinch looked at CFRP early on, and he has suggested to Boeing that all passengers in the Northern Hemisphere are lacking in a high fiber diet and could reduce weight further on the 787 by insisting all airport terminal restaurants serve extremely high Carbon Fiber Reinforced Foods (CFRF) two hours prior to boarding an aircraft, thus making the 787 drop down to its lightest "load" per seat. The Carbon Fiber Reinforce Food could reduce the weight of each passenger by 5% before boarding a 787 aircraft.

The Board of Directors of Boeing were enthusiastic supporting the Grinch's proposal. Even though there is no developed or known CFRF's, Boeing will add another Billion to its "sunk" costs for the 787 program, bringing its total going into the "hole" at 30 billion dollars US.