Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 8: The Truth About The F-35

The F-35's truth is that nobody really knows what the F-35 really has for the US Military. Stealth, fusion, avionics and weapons. But what really is the difference maker in combat? Could it out perform a fully loaded and renovated F-18 or a souped up F-15? How about a very tricky F-16? Does the F-35 hold an edge over all of the US legacy aircraft? If one thing is known it generates more questions than answers, and that is probably its greatest strength at this time. Nobody knows what it can do in combat facing the world's best fighters. After-all that is the trillion dollar question, what can it do?

F-35 here we come 

All the pundits have since weighed in on this matter with glitchy, problematic, and costly proposals of why the F-35 fails without answering the real question of what can it do better in any category of a war fighter and perhaps we are looking at only a knight in shining armor riding on horseback facing a high tech hoard of fourth generation capability.

The answer does not come from money spent on a "Walter Mitty" program for fighting wars, it comes from a fear of losing this nation from an insane rabid adversary nipping at the doors of freedom and peace. That is what is hoped for when defending this nation and not stock holder profits for all the players in this epic tale of deceit, greed, and fraud to the American people by a few leaders of government and industry. 

The solders, employees, and supervisors really believe in the F-35 while the questions never seem to be answered about its real combat capability. The answer comes after a war is started and it’s too late to change direction when saving a nation. The secrets of the F-35 starts with trust and confidence that its people of this nation got it right instead of the greedy skimming trillions from the Taxpayers.

Whoville defended by The F-35

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