Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day Three: That Free Finger Drink Could be Cancelled in Asia

Airlines in Asia are considering cancelling free alcohol on its flights over the ocean. The Grinch has found a solution for this problem. Three Free drinks are selected from a fish bowl drawing, selecting 12 Seat numbers at the start of each flight from economy. The Grinch could not be reached for comment as the story was still breaking. 

Three Free Grinch Drinks 
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The Grinch has slammed charging passengers for alcohol on the other side of the date line which runs through the Pacific Ocean just off Asia. He was last seen in Singapore slinging his way across the flight line before he was lifting off.

Grinch Slinging his way to his next stop.
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"Budget airlines including AirAsia and Jetstar, which is owned by Qantas Airways, have long tried to squeeze extra cash from customers during flights. Michael O'Leary, chief executive officer of European low-cost airline Ryanair, in 2009 suggested charging customers to use the toilet."