Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Lawyer Argues For The 787-10 Defense

The prosecution rest its case with this statement.

Seattle Times Dateline December 8,2016.

"It seats 330 passengers in a two-class configuration with a range of 7,400 miles, compared to 290 passengers on the 787-9 with a range just shy of 8,800 miles.

The defense steps up with a torrid case summary.

  • We started at 7200  mile range and have expanded it to 7,400 miles from added efficiency built-in.
  • It holds more than the 787-9's base configuration of  290 passengers when it seats 330 passengers in a two class alignment.
  • It will hold much more if configured based on having Jet Star's 787-8 layout of 334 seats.
  • 90% of all world routes fly 7,000 miles or less. 
  • The extra seats are extra revenues on those routes.
  • The 787-10 completes Multiple Enterprises (ME), a family trait.
  • Almost all high density routes fall within the 787 range

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Going on with the laser pointer is a time consuming exercise if the prosecution agrees we could go further with more 787-10 attributes, no pun intended. However, it comes to the most famous court quote of our time summarizing why buy the 787-10. If the 787-10 "fits then you must acquit". It fits the business plans of almost every airline's long haul operation existing; while having the commonality of the world's best family of aircraft coming from the single aisle 737 Max to the newest member of the Boeing family, the 777-9X. 

Additionally, the 787-10 becomes a bridge for a transition from medium wide body to extra wide body of the 777's. The behemoth aircraft such as the A-380's have proven it has limitations within the market place, too numerous to mention at this time, but worthy of your considerations. However, I need to remind you of inadequate airports having an A-380 imposing its will on the tarmac at those same airports who struggle to find space and funds to support the behemoth. All of Boeing's family of aircraft fit, and once again that bridge to other Boeing types is completed with the 787-10. The case of having a full family of aircraft has long been made during the last 40 years, commonality. This case is about the 787-10 offering a completeness for every one of its customers. 

Those who have already purchased the 787-10 have put in immense amount of time considering the 787-10 values, and how it will affect its company's goals and aspirations. Over one hundred and sixty 787-10 orders have been placed in the last few years since announcing the program. Its competitor for all its medium wide body have only taken-in a net of 228 A-350's during this same period of those ordered considering all of its A-350 medium wide body types. Boeing has received 402 orders for the medium wide body 787 family of aircraft during the same time period. Included with these ordered 787's, are made up with a significant portion of 787-10's. This happened all during a period which represents both having flying examples where the customer can compare.

The anticipated number of 787-10's is expected to grow after first delivery is made to its initial customers. Data has indicated a particular market for an aircraft having the 787-10's attributes. Boeing has received 1217 medium wide bodied orders for its 787 to date. Were Airbus has received only 810 similarly classed medium wide bodies with its A-350 family of aircraft. Boeing exceeds Airbus with a 1.5 rate. Otherwise, for every one Airbus A-350 purchased Boeing has 1.5 of its 787 purchased. Something must be factual about the 787 family were customers prefer it over the A-350. Customers have had an opportunity to review each manufacturer’s case with its medium wide body class. 

In conclusion, with all the evidence presented, there is only one reason the 787-10 is the best choice for the market when considering high density routes, it just fits the market place, the airport, and the customer.