Monday, December 26, 2016

The F-35 Is All About Smoke And Mirrors

Image Credit: Twitter: iFighterPilot
Chinese FC-31 #001

The Chinese has released its FC-31, an off-the-shelf Chinese twin engine fighter design.

The F-35 can't haul as much armaments as the FC-31's eight tons of missiles and bombs. It doesn't go as fast as the FC-31. The Gyrfalcon will go Mach 1.8 which is faster than the F-35's Mach 1.6. The FC-31 does though have improved stealth over its recently shown Chinese built J-30. But what is not reveled is the "Smoke and Mirrors Division" (SMD) within the FC-31 capability.

Remember the troubled F-35 program in getting it right with its technologies, and now the program has brought the fusion to fruition. The FC-31 has just rolled out ten years after the F-35 made its debut. The Chinese are at least ten years behind in program development and now having a less sophisticated base version. 

The FC-31 technical muscle does not even compare with the F-22 muscle such as speed, weights and stealth. When looking at the F-35, one can quickly conclude it’s not about having twin engine performance, and payloads but about something more devious. The F-35 is about its SMD, which no one in the world has or has even begun to prove it has that capability. Sensor fusion needs a reliable power plant, and the PW-135 it that power plant driving everything F-35.

The FC-31 (China) has a long history of cheesy jet engines which may fail or cause huge maintenance attentions to keep it flying. If they have advanced its jet engine capability, then it is a baby step going forward and not a quantum leap forward which PW has mastered for the F-35.

The F-35 is not about jet muscle or armaments, as the Chinese and Russians are presenting in its respective models. The F-35 is about sensor fusion for which little is known, including the US armed services in training, whom are now learning about its "hearing and seeing" everything capability. Then it can, in a split second, manage its own capabilities striking from a long way off. Even if an adversary gets a jump on the F-35 with jet muscle, the F-35 becomes very hard to find or fight. The weight hanging on the wings of any adversary makes it a flying pig with a bull’s eye painted on its body.

The Chinese have achieved a certain amount of stealth using its own systems testing its stealthy capabilities, but it does not have a NASA like technology which the F-35 owns. China's primal engine concepts and stolen technology makes for a poor military advantage. The F-35 is built to adjust to an ever changing battle field no matter what is currently available. The FC-31 won't change the F-35 base architecture, but it will only change some of the F-35's flexible configurations using its inherent capabilities against other new or potential adversary when it emerges, such as the Chinese FC-31 newest offering. 

Remember the F-35's SMD has been at work for twenty years to get to this point and it applauds all others for its efforts as it will quietly grin at the others for having superior speed, agility and arms under wings. It becomes a just dial up a solution and fire kind of aircraft destroying all other incoming fighting antics from its potential adversaries.