Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trump Opens AF-1 Negotiations with a "Drop IT" Too Much Money Statement

Boeing hasn't even begun its build of replacing the old AF-1's with four new 747-8i's when Donald Trump throws a negotiation hay maker with a cancellation notice. Don't worry Boeing, just offer Trump a deal he can't refuse? The new dog is in town and assuming the US Government is just there to write enormous checks is now over.

Image result for New Air Force One depiction 747-8i
Air Force Rendition of the 747-8i

Don't get his message wrong, he wants the Boeing 747-8i over his aging 757 BBJ campaign buster. The 747 costs as much as one Trump Tower and he's into prestige and big things. The US and Trump are in his 100+ day mode and bravado is needed until further notice. The opening offer for a new AF-1 is "to cancel it", makes Boeing scramble its position of giving the US an all-new 747-8i at tremendous costs reduction or until it shows only a nominal profit on the "deal". Trump wants a shiny new 747 no doubt about it. Boeing has to negotiate, satisfying Trump’s campaign theme of being a deal maker. First up is AF-1 not the F-35. I can't imagine Trump flying to Asia in an Old AF-1 or a BBJ 757 with Trump painted all over it.

Trump wants the Great Seal of the US on a new AF-1 having a “deal logo” behind it. If Boeing plays its cards right Trump will order more F-18's because the nation needs a strong military where a Trump F-18 deal will include some AF-1's thrown in for nothing much more. The F-18 deal would keep Boeing Jobs going and the AF-1 deal would keep jobs going and so forth. Trump is not stupid and the liberals need to get over it!

It’s all about the deal. Boeing needs to change its marketing appeal to its customers during the duration of Trump's term. "It's all about the deal." I got that message six months ago from Trumps campaign literature telling he is the Grand Deal Wizard (GDW) and you better get with it or lose your position at the tax payer money trough when the dinner bell rings.

AF-1 is a "symbolic deal" for his first term and he needs it badly. The AF-1 is a gilded flying pig and Trump needs it to fly from wizard tower to tower hauling the GDW. Showing up in Paris with a sick 757 is so not Trump. A new 747-8i would do just fine next to the press "Cessna's" parked on flight line row. The Red White and Blue livery says Trump all over the Iconic 747 Hump. The presidential seal needs a bill board area fuselage space hanging Trump credentials when pulling up on the tarmac. Not even Jet way worthy is an AF-1, as a president walks on the flight line as required for all heads of state.

No 777's, 787's, or even an Airbus A-380 will do. It has to be a deal driven 747-8i with a paint livery to die for (counting other casualties). Yes, Donald Trump will order the 747-8i on his terms and that is the whole purpose of saying, "cancel it".

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