Thursday, December 8, 2016

The B-21 Bomber Has Gamed The Tax Payers

First off the plate, how can a so-low bid build the most advanced bomber ever made by a company who hasn't built a big bodied aircraft in twenty years. And what's wrong with that? The second issue is called appearance of fraud. If the Air Force allows a cost plus bid to succeed in the low dollar realms, then it appears there was some doodling behind the scenes. Low bid with a guarantee of tax payers dollars paying the final price no matter how high the final price is for that said bomber is one by a favored company with strong ties somewhere between California and DC.

Image result for b-21 bomber

A bomber builder won the bid and what's wrong with that? A bomber builder who hasn't built a bomber in twenty years is what's wrong with that too? It should be awarded to those who build structures consistent to what is proposed. The B-2 is the last bomber built in 2000 totaling just 20 of its kind. An expert who builds big aircraft everyday would be a common sense awardee. No worries cost plus will buy our way into a B-21 by somebody who hasn't built a big body in twenty years. After-all it’s somebody else money not the Air Farce's.

This brings us to the final point. How can I, who is only marginally able see the misgiving of a bid process so clearly, when others so brilliant can only utter “I dunno know”, when asked, know this stinks?