Sunday, December 11, 2016

Qantas The Morning After

The Qantas-Perth deal just featured on Winging It one day ago, wakes up this day with a headlined potpourri concerning Perth and using Qantas for a trip to London from Perth. This news starts a segue for Qantas planning into Europe. Image boatloads (787-loads) of Europeans coming to Perth and then flying on everywhere Australia in workman like manner on a Qantas jet sled.

Today, December 11, 2016 explodes the Qantas/Perth story with a Journalistic barrage of tidbits validating the Winging It Story as Qantas announces schedules and times flying on a 787-9 in 2017. The deal is done and Perth gets an airport renewal which will house the 787-9 and other 787's with a regional footprint such as Jet Star's 787-8's from a Perth hub.

Perth will be a Euro destination through Qantas, beating the Middle East rivals currently courting Australian aspirations. Perth's potential is limitless in having a mega hub for having destinations throughout Asia and the whole Pacific ring of ports.